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Frequently asked questions:

  • How does this system works?
    When you signup, you get free signup points.........
  • How do I signup?
    Just click signup.
    At the top.
    How do I earn credits?
    You can earn credits surfing other sites by clicking "Click Here To Start Surfing" after loging in. Referring others to our site with your Referral URL also make you earn even more credits.

    Where are all my Credits that I earned from surfing?
    Credits earned from surf are automatically assigned to your sites.

    How do I refer others?
    Login to your member area and click "See Your Referers". New members that join our system using your referral url will be added to your down-line and you will earn credits from their activities.

    Can I use my surfing URL to earn credits?
    NO. You can only advertise the banners and splash pages we provide and the referral URL. user #) to be used for advertisement.

    How do I know what was earned from referrals?
    You can see your referral statistics by navigating to "My Referral" link in your members account.

    Why does my site not show up in rotation?
    The system will not show members their own sites since that would be waste of their credits. When you add a new site your site is able to receive traffic automatically. Also each site after your submission goes through admin approval before it starts getting traffic.

    Why is my site On Hold?
    If your site is placed on hold that means there was a problem with your site when the admin checked it. This may include errors with the site, or site not found. Sites that are placed on hold will usually be checked again later to see if the problem is still there.

    Why has my site been suspended?
    If your site has been suspended it is because the site was found to be in violation of our terms. This may include having any type of popup windows, javascript errors, frame breaker site, or anything else that stops the normal surf operation of our system. Please read the terms for full details. Sites that get suspended are normally deleted from the system after a few days. Serious or repeat site offenders may be deleted immediately along with their member account.

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